(Not including accommodation)

Until August 27, 2023
Student Participant€ 200
Regular Participant€ 320

Remark: We request only from the online participants to make bank transfer of the participation fee to the conference account. The physical participants may pay the registration fee at the registration desk of the conference during the conference days provided that they send us their transportation ticket they bought to reach Paris, France. In order for us to clearly determine the number of physical participants and make the necessary preparations, you must at least send your transportation ticket (plane, bus, etc.) showing that you will reach Paris, France on the conference dates.

For registration to MICOPAM 2023, please contact with Organizing Committee by sending an email to the following mail address:

a filled and wet signed version of the following registration & accommodation form:

Registration & Accommodation Form of MICOPAM 2023

Note that the registration fee does not include the accommodation fee. Therefore, for details about conference venue & accommodation options, please click here!