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Registration and Accommodation Form
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(Not including accommodation)

The following tables are only provided to register for the conference. That is, registration fee does not include accommodation fee. To see the accommodation fees and accommodation form, visit the page:

For International Participants (in Euro: €)

 Until July 15, 2022 (Early Registration)July 16 – August 25, 2022 (Normal Registration)August 26 – September 25, 2022 (Late Registration)September 26 – October 25, 2022 (Too Late Registration)On October 26, 2022 (Last Day Registration)At Desk* October 27-30, 2022 (On-Site Registration)
Student Participant (International)  € 200  € 275€ 350€ 375€ 400€ 410
Regular Participant (International)  € 250  € 350€ 420€ 425€ 450€ 460
Online Participant (International)  € 375  € 400€ 400€ 400€ 400€ 400
*The reason why the fee of the registrations to be made at the desk is a little high that it increases the workload during the conference and makes difficult for entry and arrangement of the rooms of those who will stay at the hotel at that moment

Türk Katılımcılar için (Türk Lirası: TL)

 Until July 15, 2022 (Early Registration)July 16 – August 25, 2022 (Normal Registration)August 26 – September 25, 2022 (Late Registration)September 26 – October 25, 2022 (Too Late Registration)On October 26, 2022 (Last Day Registration)At Desk* October 27-30, 2022 (On-Site Registration)
Student Participant (Turkish citizen)500 TL 750 TL850 TL950 TL975 TL1000 TL
Regular Participant (Turkish citizen)750 TL   1250 TL1350 TL1450 TL2000 TL2500 TL
Online Participant (Turkish citizen)1125 TL 1750 TL1750 TL1750 TL1750 TL1750 TL
*Masa başında yapılacak kayıtların ücretinin biraz yüksek olmasının nedeni, konferans sırasındaki iş yükünü arttırması ve o anda otelde konaklayacakların girişlerini ve odalarının düzenlenmesini zorlaştırmasıdır.


  • Attendance at all scientific sessions of MICOPAM 2022
  • Right to make one oral/poster presentation
  • Right to submit a full-text Proceedings (at least 3 pages and at most 5 pages long) for possible publication in the Book of Proceedings (with ISBN Number)
  • Online publication of the Conference Proceedings of MICOPAM 2022
  • Online publication of the Abstract Booklet of MICOPAM 2022 (If an abstract submitted)
  • Right to submit full manuscripts (compatible with the scope and publication policy of the journals) for peer review and possible publication to the supporting journals
  • Right to get 15% discount on the Article Processing Charges in case of acceptance of an article submitted to the supporting journal AXIOMS
  • Certificate of Attendance (for participants who present at least a study at a scientific session of MICOPAM 2022)
  • Conference materials
  • Conference Breaks
  • Welcome cocktail (on the first day of conference)
  • Gala Dinner (for the participants who stay at the hotel on October 29, 2022, at the Sherwood Exclusive Lara Hotel. For the Accommodation Form, see Conference Venue & Accommodation page:
  • Rental cost of the hotel’s conference halls
  • Technical Support at the conference hall (in case of need)


  • Participants who want to enter the hotel for the day just to make presentation, without accommodation, must pay a hotel entrance fee of 80 Euros for entering the hotel. Each entry and exit will require the same payment since the conference place is an ultra-all-inclusive hotel.
  • REGISTRATION FEE DOES NOT INCLUDE ACCOMMODATION. If you have accompanying person, their registration fee is free, but their names should also be written on the MICOPAM 2022 Accommodation Form. For Accommodation and its details, please also see Conference Venue & Accommodation page:
  • Your registration will be valid after the organizing committee received and confirmed your registration form with receipt of the Bank slip for Bank Transfer.
  • Student participants must send their student confirmation letter to benefit from the student discount.
  • Registration fee is valid for one oral/poster presentation. Participants make presentation for at most three papers. But, if you are coauthors of more than three, one of the other authors must present the study. Thus, we note that our policy for the presentation of more than one paper is as below:
    • For one paper (1): 1 registration fee
    • For two papers (2): 1.5 registration fees
    • For three papers (3): 2 registration fees
  • Registration fee does not include Charges/Commissions of Money Transfer Transaction. That is, all expenses related to money transfer will be paid by the sender.
  • At least one author of the accepted Abstract/full-text Proceedings must register by October 30, 2022 and must attend to MICOPAM 2022 for presenting their studies. Otherwise, Abstracts/Proceedings not presented at the conference will not be published in the Abstract Booklet/Proceedings Book of MICOPAM 2022.
  • After payment of registration fee, an e-mail including the copy of the bank receipt and registration form must be send to the conference mail address ( Because your registration will not be effective until receipt of bank transfer by the organizing committee. Therefore, while sending your filled and signed registration form, do not forget to send your bank receipt.
  • Important Dates:
    • Abstract/Full-text Proceedings Submission Deadline: 20 October 2022
    • Early Registration Deadline: June 25, 2022 –> Extended to July 15, 2022
    • Normal Registration Deadline: August 25, 2022
    • Late Registration Deadline: September 25, 2022
    • Too Late Registration Deadline: October 25, 2022
    • Last Day Registration: October 26, 2022
    • On-Site Registration: October 27-30, 2022

Cancelation Policy:

*Because of conference expenses and hotel package program, only 30 percent of registration fee can be refund to author.

Bank Account Details:

Account No:6202
Account IBAN (TL):TR13 0006 4000 0016 2020 8671 69
Account IBAN (EURO):TR83 0006 4000 0026 2020 1952 46
Bank Swift Code:ISBKTRIS
Routing Code:CHIPS UID: 003546 
IMPORTANT NOTE: Registration will not be active until receipt of bank transfer is sent in addition to the registration form. Registration form page:


(Not including registration fee)

(only for staying at Sherwood Exclusive Lara Hotel, Ultra All-Inclusive)

The following tables are only for accommodation at the Sherwood Exclusive Lara Hotel. That is, accommodation fee does not include fee of the registration to conference. To see the conference registration fees and registration form, visit the page:

For International Participants* (in Euro: €)

 Single Room (per person – per night)Double Room (per person – per night)Triple Room (per person – per night)
Until August 25, 2022  € 120 € 100 € 80 
After August 25, 2022 € 140€ 120€ 100
*Special discounts will be applied to children according to the age range, in accordance with the hotel rules. Accommodation fees at the above tables are valid for registrations completed until October 25, 2022. After October 25, 2022, hotel prices will be updated due to the fluctuation of the foreign currency exchange rate.

Türk Katılımcılar İçin* (Türk Lirası: TL)

 Tek Kişilik Oda (gecelik – kişi başı)İki Kişilik Oda (gecelik – kişi başı)Üç Kişilik Oda (gecelik – kişi başı)
25 Ağustos 2022 tarihine kadar  1850 TL1350 TL 1000 TL
25 Ağustos 2022 tarihinden sonra 1900 TL1400 TL1125 TL
*Otel kuralları gereği yaş aralığına göre çocuklara özel indirimler uygulanacaktır. Yukarıdaki tablolarda yer alan konaklama ücretleri, 25 Ekim 2022 tarihine kadar yapılan kayıtlar için geçerlidir. 25 Ekim 2022 tarihinden sonra, döviz kurundaki dalgalanma nedeniyle otel fiyatları güncellenecektir.